I didn't receive a receipt for my order

While this is unusual it is not uncommon.

In today's day of advanced spam filtering, what qualifies as spam is a very broad definition.  Some systems simply see an email from a company that you haven't done business with before and automatically assume it is spam.

We recommend first: check your spam folder. If your receipt isn't in there, then double check your Trash folder. Some mail providers skip the spam folder and dump it straight into the trash.

If you still can't find your receipt, then please submit a new ticket and ask one of our reps to confirm that the email address on your order was entered correctly.  They will be able to adjust your email address and resend your receipt.


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    kim jenkins

    I didnt receive a receipt for my order. Will you check to see if I entered my email
    Thank you
    Kim Jenkins

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    Kitty Careccia
    Will you see if my order went through my email address is
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    I too placed an order about 1/2 hour ago. Where is my confirmation/receipt? I've never had so much trouble getting a receipt, however, you have my credit card information...
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